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Letter to His Pancreas


Dear Ryan’s Pancreas,

It has been a year since you were dragged to the forefronts of our brains.  I never imagined that I would be thinking about a specific organ in my child’s body, wondering when the day will come that it will stop functioning.

 I visualize you daily.  Silently encouraging and praying that you will continue working as long as possible.  You have hung in there the last year, fighting and sputtering along the way.  We have done our very best to keep you healthy, but realize that no matter what we do that you are no match for those evil auto-antibodies.  I hate them with every fiber of my being.

It feels like you are slipping away from us, from HIM, more importantly. Numbers are slowly rising, coming down slower.   It is inevitable, we know.  We should feel lucky to be aware and know how to help him.  But we just do not.

We will keep hoping and searching for a cure, we will bring you back to life one day.  I am sure of it.

Love, Your Future, but hopefully not anytime too soon, Replacement